Learn the synergistic effects of both Digital and Television advertising in a new webinar hosted by LeadsRx.

On Thursday, September 10th, MarketForce’s Lisa Higgins, Director of Paid Media, will be participating in this online panel discussion with Sales Director, Thomas Galati of Diray Media, discussing the interdependencies of online and offline media. They will be covering the benefits of participating in both arenas, the nuances of each, and much, much more.

Lucas Sommer, Director of Marketing at LeadsRx will be moderating the discussion and guiding the conversation around how current market climates and future states can provide unique obstacles where the traditional methodologies will not work. How to utilize both on and offline media campaigns to a positive effect and understanding that by just playing in one arena versus another, you are not strategically positioned for success.

As consumers are more prone to shop online and in some places, spend less time listening to radio, or more time watching TV, spending more time on news sites or being more active on their social profiles, advertisers need to stay in lock step to ensure that they are not wasting media dollars. Utilizing an attribution platform and monitoring trends and performance in more detail will yield higher engagement and larger returns.

Lisa and Thomas have over 35 years of combined marketing and sales expertise. These two will help shed light on how to position your brands, design your campaigns and monitor your success as the marketing landscape continues to change globally.

Register to attend this webinar here on Thursday, September 10th, and be sure to follow Leads RX, Diray Media, and MarketForce online and on LinkedIn for more information.