Take Your Affiliate Marketing to the Next Level with EPP

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What is an EPP affiliate? If you’ve ever qualified for a discount on a product, tuition or travel through your workplace, you’ve likely encountered an Employee Purchase Program (EPP). Employee Purchase Programs (also known as Employee Benefit Portals) are shopping portals that companies join to offer as a benefit to their employees through discounts on […]

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Grow, Grow and Away! Affiliate Success in the Digital Age

In part one of our Grow, Grow and Away affiliate marketing series, we spoke about the importance of nurturing your existing affiliate relationships. This post will look past the affiliate relationships to address 5 key tactics to optimize and grow your program. 1. Leverage Your Data Diving into your affiliate network data is an important […]

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Grow, Grow and Away! Nurturing Your Affiliates for Increased Sales

With another year of advertisers increasing their investment in the affiliate channel, it’s no surprise that companies are using affiliate marketing to increase their online sales and affiliate managers are looking at ways to grow the program. If you oversee affiliate efforts at your company, you have no doubt been asked one or all of […]

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