Case Study
New website design and digital media support improves Wagner Spray Tech’s online presence
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Wagner SprayTech Inc. is a market leader in advanced paint applicators that offers a wide array of painting and decorating products used in home improvement, commercial painting, and industrial fine finishing.


Wagner SprayTech needed to improve the customer brand experience and digital journey pre and post purchase. This required new website that could deliver content on a desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. It also needed the ability to update content dynamically and support an e-commerce functionality.

MarketForce Programs Engaged

Creative Services
SEO Services
Paid Media
Analytics Services


MarketForce designed and developed a new, modern website while strengthening product awareness strategically through digital media channels and tactics.

  • Migrated WagnerSprayTech.com website from a legacy CMS to WordPress
  • Redesigned experience providing an optimized navigation through product selection, product information, and customer support
  • Incorporated SEO best practices ensuring that webpages were optimized to rank on search engines during the full site migration
  • Implemented Google Tag Manager for quick launch of marketing programs and improve site performance
  • Deployed Google Analytics custom metrics to capture data for improving the website experience
  • Activated a full-funnel digital media strategy with new media campaigns across search, social, and display

MarketForce created a new, modern website that performed across platforms while also providing Wagner SprayTech greater control over their web content and ecommerce functions.


Wagner SprayTech is now able to provide the customer with a world class online experience, with less clicks, easier navigation, faster page loads, ability to buy product & parts online any time of day and provide 365/24/7 pre and post purchase product support via desktop, tablet or mobile platforms.

  • Simplified website maintenance enabling the Wagner SprayTech marketing team to easily manage website content
  • Through SEO migration planning, site traffic increased significantly within the first 3 months
  • Delivered high-quality audiences through paid media campaigns, exceeding click goals within 8 months
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