Case Study
MarketForce Exceeds Pre-Order Expectations for OMRON Healthcare’s HeartGuide™ Product Launch
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OMRON Healthcare, Inc., products support wellness through advanced technology to help track accurate results as it pertains to overall

health monitoring.


The new HeartGuide device by OMRON® is the first, clinically accurate, wearable blood pressure monitor. The strategy set by OMRON was to go direct to consumer, foregoing traditional retailers, to create a closer connection with consumers where hardware and software are essential to the equation.

MarketForce Programs Engaged

SEO Services
Email Marketing
Paid Media
Affiliate Marketing
Creative Services


While planning the go-to-market strategy, OMRON also engaged with other agencies for this high-profile product launch resulting in multifaceted cooperation. Participating in an integrated agency team, our role was a four-stage rollout designed to maximize HeartGuide pre-orders.

  • Developed brand story by establishing enhanced product detail page and gain rank in Organic Search to highlight the product in premium wearable smart devices
  • Capture visitor emails to remarket users once pre-orders went live
  • Targeted email campaign to notify the interested subscribers of product release
  • Integrate product reviews in the product detail page after launch of pre-orders
  • Announcement letters from Affiliate partners
  • Branded and non-branded paid search enabled 10 days prior to pre-order launch date to help drive interest and capture additional email addresses

[MarketForce] acted less like an agency we hired and more like an extension of our team. They don't just define the strategy once and run with it - they are constantly asking the right questions and making improvements based on their research.

– Jennifer Prouty

Senior Ecommerce Manager, OMRON Healthcare, Inc,


  • Exceeded original sales projections by 300% over the first three days
  • Click-through rate on Email marketing was 4x higher than the OMRON average and best performing email sent of all time, from a revenue and KPI perspective
  • 54% increase in traffic, compared to previous year
  • 20:1 ROAS across the Paid Search channel specific to this product offering
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