Case Study
Avid’s revenue performance from e-commerce soars after revamped acquisition marketing strategy
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Avid is the leading provider of software tools and solutions used in creating and managing content for TV, film and music. Comprising hundreds of thousands of end users, Avid’s global customer community spans the best-known corporate brands in media and entertainment, well-established and celebrated artists, and emerging individual creatives.


With a goal of increasing ecommerce revenue, Avid required a new strategy to improve return on marketing investment, while also simplifying site content and boosting organic traffic.

  •  Recreate paid media program to spotlight focus on revenue performance
  •  Increase ad spend effectiveness by 50% over existing baseline
  •  Magnify organic traffic opportunity while supporting website updates

MarketForce Programs Engaged

SEO Services
Digital Marketing Consulting
Paid Media


MarketForce architected a bottoms-up rebuild of Avid’s paid media program, including a complete optimization strategy, and implemented a holistic SEO plan to support Avid’s site content requirements.

  • Performed econometric analysis to identify highest performing paid channels
  • Rebuilt and refined keyword strategy
  • Improved bidding logic, increasing search impression share
  • Targeted new audiences through customer databases
  • Audited landing page strategy, increasing conversion rates
  • Deployed technical audits and recommendations to all Avid.com pages, bolstering organic traffic
  • Mapped redirects to new optimized site pages

Marketforce is an extension of our performance marketing team and held accountable to driving revenue. And they’re delivering. Freemium downloads are up. Paid search & affiliate generated sales keep going up. All while acquisition costs decrease and average order value is increasing.

– Peter Lorenco

VP of Marketing, Avid,


Through implementation of the new marketing strategies, Avid surpassed their business goals, including the following highlights:

  • Exceeded e-commerce revenue targets by 15%
  • Overdelivered on return on ad spend (ROAS) target by 245%
  • Increased product trials by 58% over baseline
  • Lifted organic sessions by 27%, and organic revenue by 37%, year over
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