The MarketForce story began in 2004 when ecommerce provider Digital River saw a need to help its customers advance and optimize their online stores, and our agency was born. As our client roster grew, so did we, quickly expanding to support shifting requirements across new regions.

Today, MarketForce brings together decades of experience, native language support, and a broad array of capabilities, including acquisition marketing, experience optimization, CRM, creative development and analytics services.

We continue to push the boundaries of digital marketing to help our clients thrive. We remain at the forefront of channel and platform development, technology and data science, and we look forward to finding new ways to put these tools to use for our clients’ benefit.

Our Mission: We combine strategic marketing expertise, data centricity and a spirit of partnership to propel our clients' ecommerce business forward.


Your experience with us

We strive to deliver a first-class experience for our clients across the globe. From the outset of your relationship with MarketForce, you’ll be working with dedicated experts that partner with your team to craft a strategy tailored toward your goals. We stay with you throughout every step of the journey, to ensure you always feel supported and satisfied with your results.

Decades of industry experience

The experience we bring to the table also sets us apart. Our team of seasoned professionals grew up with the ecommerce industry, watching it evolve over the years and helping our clients navigate its changes and growth. Our hands-on work equips us with unparalleled industry knowledge, detailed insight into what has worked and what hasn’t, and an in-depth understanding of industry processes and patterns.

A thoughtful experience for your brand

And most importantly, we help you create positive brand experiences for your customers. Collaboration, strategy, insights and the right tools form the best mix to lift your brand to further places then it’s ever been. Working closely with data from the past and present about your brand, we calculate the best opportunity for you and your company.


We’re devoted to helping our clients achieve their goals, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. We’re also focused on keeping our employees happy, healthy, and thoroughly fulfilled. After all, happy employees are the building blocks for company – and client – success.

MarketForce provides a positive work-life balance by offering an array of opportunities, from giving back to the community, taking a scenic walk on the local trails, or seeing tails wag on ‘dog days’. Whether we’re having a festive potluck, over-indulging in Halloween decorations, or just enjoying ‘Treat Thursday’, we believe in the importance of culture, contentment, and fun in each and every workday.

MarketForce Culture Stats



As a MarketForce co-founder, Jeff has held leadership roles since the company’s inception. He enjoys running, biking and cooking, and he prepares an annual gourmet feast for the entire MarketForce team.

CHRIS FELTON Marketing Director NAM

Chris joined MarketForce in 2007 and is devoted to helping clients reach their ecommerce and digital marketing goals. He enjoys DIY projects around the house and spending time with his family.

DOUG LARSEN Marketing Director NAM

Doug joined MarketForce in 2006 and has been part of the leadership team since 2014. He and his family love to travel, eat out, explore remote wilderness and spend time near lakes and oceans.

LINA SANTA MARIA Marketing Director EMEA

Lina joined MarketForce in October 2014 and has significant experience in affiliates and partnership management. Lina loves to travel and eat, so she’s usually either out of town or in the kitchen.


Baijayanti has 11+ years of digital strategy and analytics experience in the APAC region. She is an avid photographer, food blogger and creative writer, as well as a mom to two little girls.

CHRISTOPHER BIRKHOLM Director of Business Development

Christopher joined MarketForce in 2009 and was instrumental in establishing the company’s SEO program. He enjoys playing pool and soccer and is an avid Chelsea FC fan.

KRYSTLE CHRISTENSEN Creative Director of Creative Services

Krystle has spent 10+ years working in the digital design and user-experience space. She is a creative through and through, with a background in painting and sculpting as well as digital and print design.

LISA HIGGINS Director of Paid Media

Lisa has 10+ years of in-house and agency digital marketing and media management experience. She is a passionate traveler, cook and blogger and enjoys spending time with her family.

COLLETTE CARLSON Senior Manager of Experience Optimization

Collette joined MarketForce in 2009 and is dedicated to helping clients increase conversion rates and revenue. In her free time, Collette likes to travel, read and participate in road races and triathlons.

WILL GAINES Senior Manager of Partnerships

Will has 11 years of experience in online marketing strategy and affiliate and partner marketing. He is an avid traveler who loves exploring other countries, cultures and cuisines.

STEPHANIE HAMEL Senior Manager of Email Programs

Stephanie joined MarketForce in 2008 and is devoted to helping her clients acquire new customers and generate revenue. Outside of the office, Stephanie enjoys walking her dog and playing tennis.

CHRIS SHORT Senior Manager of Analytics

Chris works in the customer and digital analytics space and leads a team focused on developing data and BI solutions. He enjoys books and documentaries about the cultural impact of analytics.